Over the past few years, the eLexicoghraphy group of the ACDH-OeAW have been working on a number of issues related to creating, editing and publishing digital lexicographic data.

As part of our work a number of experimental, yet fully functional dictionaries have been made available. All of these are still be worked on both in terms of contents and the interfaces.

The TUNICO Dictionary

This dictionary is accessible through several interfaces. It was first made public on the VICAV Website. The Vienna Corpus of Arabic Varieties (VICAV) is an international project aiming at the collection of digital language resources documenting varieties of spoken Arabic. It provides a wide range of materials such as language profiles, dictionaries, annotated texts, bibliographies and more. There the Tunis dictionary can be accessed together with other dictionaries (Damascus, Cairo). The VICAV dictionary interface was designed to allow users to compare Arabic varieties.

It is also available throught the Tunico website.

The most recent achievement was an innovative interface that - by contrast to the above mentined ones - builds entirely on XML and cognate technologies. The web frontend interacts with Basex, an XML database. Queries are executed in pure xQuery,data is delivered via a REST interface, making use of XQuery and XSLT. This part of the Academy's Dictionary-in-a-box project was finished during the last weeks of the TUNICO project and is fully integrated with the Viennese Lexicographic Editor (VLE). The database is easy to install, can also run on local machines (i.e. does not necessarily need a web server) and allows researchers to easily visualise and publish their lexicographic work. VLE comes with a wizard that allows to create a new interface at the push of a button making use of ready-made templates.

Damascus Dictionary

The Digital Dictionary of Damascene Arabic is also available through the VICAV website.

Dagaare-English-Cantonese Dictionary

Dagaare is a language spoken in West Africa by about 2 million people. It belongs to the Gur branch of the Niger-Congo language family. The Dagaare Dictionary was compiled by Adams Bodomo and published in this form in 2015.

The Modern Persian Dictionary

The Persian English Dictionary was started as part of a university language course several years ago and has been growing ever since. As a project, it is highly experimental in nature. Over the time, it was also used as a test-bed for the development of the Viennese Lexicographic Editor and semi-automatic data acquisition for digital dictionaries.

The focus in compiling the dictionary is on modern language. In the beginning, all lexical items needed in the classes were entered into the dictionary. Later we started to integrate data not available in other dictionaries. Particular attention has been paid to neologisms such as 'street bump', 'virtual reality', 'hard disk', 'charger' (of a mobile) which can not be found in most of the usually older print dictionaries. For the time being, we do not attempt to achieve anything like a complete coverage.

Usage examples are adapted from various sources, for the most part from the Internet. Of particular importance is a Wikipedia version which we have made available as a TEI corpus. You can access the 'fawiki' corpus here: https://wikipedias.eos.arz.oeaw.ac.at/run.cgi/first_form.

ViDi (Viennese Historical Dictionaries Online)

ViDi is a growing collection of historical lexicographic ressources.