An integral part of DictGate is documentation, best practices and other accompanying material needed to be able to use the data and services.

VICAV Dictionary Encoding Guidelines

Our main means of encoding has been Dictionary Chapter of the Guidelines of the TEI. The following guidelines give a detailed account of how we have been encoding the dictionaries which are being compiled as part of the VICAV (Vienna Corpus of Arabic Varieties) projects. It documents and discusses the schema being used in these dictionaries and furnishes a large number of examples taken from these dictionaries. It is intended to guide the lexicographers working on our dictionaries as well as others who might want to work along similar lines.

As we try to build all our textual infrastructure on the Guidelines of the TEI. Therefore, our dictionary documentation was also produced making use of the TEI. In order to allow others to follow our example, we also provide an appropriate XSLT stylesheet. The documentation is available in the original TEI and in HTML.

Using the Lexicographic Editor

The Viennese Lexicographic Editor (VLE) is one of the backbones of our lexicographic tool box. Documentation of this tool has been rather scarce so far. The following notes are a beginning, still incomplete but nevertheless useful.